5.11 Thumbdrive Holster, Black, RH, M&P 9-40-357-45 4in.

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Produced in partnership with Blade-Tech and field tested by the professionals at Viking Tactics, the 5.11 ThumbDrive Holster is engineered to be the safest and fastest-drawing Level II Holster on the market. The exclusive single-thumb activated release allows a quick and natural release, while the reinforced retention system and removable Chop-Block switch guard prevent weapon loss during physical altercation. The ThumbDrive Holster offers a fully customizable installation, and optional Thigh Rig and Drop/Offset kits (sold separately) allow completely user-defined placement for maximum draw efficiency.
  •  Built to be the safest and fastest L2 holster on the market
  •  Reinforced weapon retention system
  •  Removable Chop-Block switch guard
  •  Includes Belt Slide and Paddle
  •  Belt Slide adjusts to fit up to 2.25 belts
  •  Engineered in partnership with Blade-Tech
  •  Field tested by Viking Tactics
  •  ThumbDrive Holster Thigh Rig and Drop/Offset kits available