Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener, Black-Gray

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Introducing Smith's newest electric knife sharpener, the Adjustable Edge Pro. This new sharpener features Smith's interlocking wheel technology in both DIAMOND and CERAMIC abrasive materials, and an angle adjust dial that enables you to sharpen everything from thin kitchen knives to thicker hunting knives at the same angle as the original factory edge. Just set the angle, than pull your blade through the slots. It's that easy. The diamond and ceramic interlocking wheels used in the Adjustable Edge Pro were designed to sharpen at multiple angles and to provide a Precision Machined Edge configuration. A Precision Machined Edge configuration offers the perfect combination of edge retention, performance, and sharpness. Other edge configurations are generally strong in just one of these characteristics.
  •  Sharpens both sides of the knife blade EQUALLY at the same time
  •  Interlocking wheels in 2 abrasive materials - Diamond and Ceramic
  •  Reduces the amount of time needed to sharpen edge
  •  Will not leave a burr on the cutting edge
  •  Works on hard or soft steel blades
  •  Will not damage, scratch the side of, or detemper your blade
  •  Wheets self-align the blade
  •  Manual Sharpening Features:
  •  Use for sharpening the serrated portion of your blade
  •  Stores in housing when not in use
  •  Fixed angles for consistant sharpening
  •  Specially-shaped stones will follow contour of large or small serrations
  •  Additional Features:
  •  Easy to turn Angle Adjust Knob
  •  Soft Grip
  •  Non-slip rubber feet for secure and stable sharpening on all surfaces
  •  Cleaning brush for interlocking ceramic wheels included