Bear Grylls TinderBox Firestarter

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A key factor in surviving in the wild is how well you can get a fire going. With the BG Tinderbox, building a fire just got easier. It features a steel cutting surface that makes creating tinder easy and the frame is wrapped in high grip rubber to keep it securely in your hand. With a simple push of a button, the cutting surface pivots to the side and the tinder is available to use. Creating tinder is only one part of building a fire, you have to get it lit, too. While matches or a fire starter work well, the Tinderbox features a magnifying glass that will get the job done as well. And, when you need it, turn the Tinderbox over and use it to signal for help.
  •  Length: 5.75in.
  •  Width: 2.25in.
  •  Heigth: 1.06in.
  •  Weight: 3.0 oz
  •  Unique tinder cutter w/cover
  •  C304 stainless cutter
  •  Polypropylene cutter cover
  •  Rubber overmold to keep it secure
  •  Polycarbonate/ABS with TPE overmold
  •  Magnifying glass
  •  Emergency signaling mirror
  •  Tinder capturing box to keep dry
  •  Priorities of Survival Pocket Guide