ETA Pot, 1.8L

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Primus Eta pots are made from hard anodized aluminum with a completely new ceramic non-stick coating on the inside. The heat-resistant silicone-coated handles are integrated with the pots. The lid of the pots is made from transparent BPA-free plastic with grip-friendly silicone; it can also be used as a colander. All the pots can be packed inside each other as to minimize your pack volume, you can pack the pots with their lids turned upside down. The pots are available in sizes 1.0, 1.8 and 3.0 litres and can be used with every Primus stove on the market.
  •  1. It is best to use an aluminium cooking pot with a heat exchanger. Used together they shorten boiling times and fuel consumption by around a third.
  •  2. Reduce the output. Use a maximum of around of the stoves output as this will make best use of the energy.
  •  3. Protect the stove from the wind. Shelter it from the wind and use a windscreen.