ETA Pot, 1L

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The smallest pot in the Eta series is perfect for the solo hiker who only needs a single 1 liter pot. The lid can also be used as a frying pan. Made of hard anodized aluminum with a multi-layer titanium nonstick surface on the inside. The pot is equipped with a heat exchanger on the bottom, which makes your gas stove approximately one third faster and more efficient and therefore also more environmentally friendly. Fits both a 230 gram LP gas cartridge and a stove such as the PRIMUS Express. Comes in a net stuff sack.
  •  1. It is best to use an aluminium cooking pot with a heat exchanger. Used together they shorten boiling times and fuel consumption by around a third.
  •  2. Reduce the output. Use a maximum of around of the stove s output as this will make best use of the energy.
  •  3. Protect the stove from the wind. Shelter it from the wind and use a windscreen.