FS3 Whetstones, Diamond-Ceramic Grit, 3.88 in.

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Never before has it been such a pleasure to sharpen your knife! Not only are the new Flipstones fun to handle but these diamond and ceramic whetstones will create a sharp edge on any knife. The diamond stone is coated with Titanium Alumina Nitride whilst the ceramic is made of synthetic Sapphires. Both materials are extremely hard and measure 10 and 8 on the Mohs scales of hardness respectively. They will also retain a smooth, flat surface making the sharpening process easier, even with the hardest specialty powder steels. Both stones are sandwiched together using 3M tape and cannot come apart. They are used dry, although a little soap and water can be used to clean the surface. If they feel slightly rough at first they will gradually smooth down and actually improve with age.
  •  Diamond grit: 25 micron
  •  Ceramic grit: 1 micron
  •  Zytel handle and stainless bolts