Glacier 69 Headlamp, 30 lm, 3 x AAA

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Precision dimming mode lets you dial-in the exact power beam youre looking for and an advanced power management system ensures the lamp wont burn too high as the battery level starts getting low. On-board battery indicator clues you into how much you have left to burn. Ultra efficient green light mode keeps you unseen in the field and is easier on the eyes of your campmates than standard red LEDs.
  •  Efficient and inconspicuous green light mode
  •  Dispersed reading light mode
  •  Power management system for maximal burn time
  •  Nichia LEDs
  •  3 AAA batteries included
  •  On board battery level indicator
  •  30 lumens, 69 foot beam on high
  •  International SOS flash
  •  Power lock-out mode prevents accidental power drain