Paracord Survival Bracelet Accessory, Bottle Opener

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Because you never know when your adventure might require a quick brewski along the way. We'll be perfectly honest with you on this one: this survival bracelet accessory designed by Tom Stokes won't get you out of a tight spot. Sorry about that. That said, it might make a tight spot a lot more tolerable if you've packed along a cold one. This little bottle opener accessory slips perfectly onto our Para-saw Survival Bracelet. It also slides easily over a Solomon Bar weave bracelet made from 550 paracord and may fit other similarly sized paracord survival bracelets as well. The opening of the accessory is .9 inches (22.86 mm) wide and .43 inches (11.43 mm) tall. Most survival situations can be avoided with a bit of preparation. But if you happen to find yourself in a bind, make sure you've packed your Stokes Bottle Opener and a cold one - you're gonna need em. Survival Bracelet not included.
  •  Handle Material: Coated Steel