Quick Release Survival Bracelet, Black, Large

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Scarvalas has a unique eye for design, and this bracelet - like every piece he creates - is packed with quality and functionality. When you're in trouble, you don't always have time to access your pack. Survival tools are only effective if you can reach them when you need them most, which means keeping them on hand at all times. Even standard, tie-on survival bracelets require too much time to deploy when time is of the essence. With the quick release tab on the Quick Release Paracord Survival Bracelet, you always have immediate access to your potentially life-saving paracord. Simply pull on the tab to loosen the loop and easily deploy 6.25 feet of paracord with the small, or 7 feet of paracord with the large version. Then use it for lashing together logs, tying down packs, creating tourniquets or any other needs you may have in a survival situation.
  •  Open Overall Length: 7.5-9 inches
  •  Weight: .9 ounce
  •  Size: Large
  •  Color: Black