QuickDry LEO Uniform Replacement Battle Polo, Tan, Large

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Polos have become ubiquitous in uniformed service. They are comfortable, stretchy, and inexpensive. They have seen no real innovation however from their golf roots. Our polos are designed with features specific to their extreme use. This edition adds a long sought after feature quick-dry fabric.
  •  Epaulets w/button-down front-pockets.
  •  Arm loop-fastener panels for unit patches etc.
  •  This saves money- swap patches as shirts get washed
  •  One arm has split organizer pocket for pens, knife, etc.
  •  Other arm has buttoned pocket for iphone or similar
  •  A back hook-fastener for name tags, glint tape, etc.
  •  No-roll collar stays integral to each ribbed collar
  •  Small logo is at hem - it gets tucked in for uniform use