QuickDry Undervest Battle Polo, Plain Front, Tan, Small

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Knitted polo shirts have of late become ubiquitous in uniformed service. They are comfortable, light and inexpensive. They have seen no real innovation however from their golf roots; ours however are designed with features specific to their duties. This edition adds a long sought after feature quick-dry fabric.
  •  Velcro panels on arms for modular I.D patches
  •  This saves money: swap patches as shirts get washed
  •  One arm has split organizer-pocket for pens, knife, etc.
  •  Other arm has buttoned pocket for iPhone or similar
  •  Velcro strip on back of neck for name tags, glint, etc.
  •  No-roll collar-stays sewn inside each ribbed collar tip
  •  Small brand logo at hem (it can tuck in for uniform use)