Revolt XL 9000 mAh, 6x Charge, Black

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The Brunton Revolt XL 9000 Portable Power Pack is a durable source of power while you are out adventuring. It features a water-proof and sink-proof construction with a shock absorbing polyurethane outer shell. This waterproofing is completed by using an Aqualoq door over the USB port to keep water and dirt away from the electronics. The Revolt also has a large capacity of 9000mAh, allowing for approximately 6 smart phone battery charges. For charging, it features a standard USB port that will provide power from its lithium cells to a wide range of mobile devices, including cell phones, GPS, cameras, lights, and more. The Revolt even has a power level indicator to show you how much juice is left and it will automatically shut off in order to save power.
  •  Capacity: 9000mAh
  •  Sink-Proof and Water-Proof
  •  Shock Resistant Polyurethane Outer Shell
  •  Provides About 6 Smartphone Charges
  •  Standard USB Port
  •  Power Level Indicator
  •  Automatic Shutoff