SE1220 Protective Case w-Adjustable Dividers, Black

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Seahorse Protective Cases keeps your valuable equipment safe. Close and latch your Seahorse cases to automatically safely seal your gear against water, air and dust. It's tough with Acuform foam or dividers will keep your camera, video or high cost equipment safe from impact, providing safe, secure protection from the elements. Built-in padlock holes give extra safety. Seahorse optional locking latches give added security and keeps out prying hands.
  •  Lock up and down position pull handle
  •  Two durable easy riding wheels with metal bearings make it a pleasure to tow behind heavy loads
  •  Automatic pressure purge system
  •  Molded-in padlock holes (Fits standard size Masterlocks)
  •  Optional multilayer protective cubed matrix Accuform Foam
  •  Optional padded divider sets
  •  Available with latches with keyed chrome metal locks or plastic non-corrosive locks
  •  Available with easy-to-install waterproof panel kits supplied with o-rings and screws
  •  Exterior: 27.9 inch X 22.27 inch X 15.10 inch
  •  Interior: 25.70 inch X 19.50 inch X 13.10 inch
  •  Weight: 27.00 lbs.
  •  MIL-STD810F 512.4
  •  IP67
  •  Made in the USA