Survival Tin

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This is essential kit for survival combat. Originally designed for the British SAS (Special Air Service). Tightly packed in a useful metal tin. Contents include compass, whistle, candle, fishing kit, waterproof survival instructions, wind & waterproof matches, pencil, sewing kit, multi use flexible wire saw w/ split rings (can be used as a bow saw or snare wire), water tablets, safety pins, fire lighting flint and striker and multifunctional knife w / fold out scissors.
  •  Tightly packed in a useful metal tin includes:
  •  Whistle
  •  Mini fire steel
  •  Candle
  •  Cottonball tinder
  •  Fishing kit
  •  Button compass
  •  Sewing kit
  •  Safety pins
  •  Multifunctional knife w/fold out scissors
  •  Multi use flexible wire saw w/split rings
  •  Wire to make a snare
  •  Waterproof survival instructions
  •  Pencil