Titanium Spork, Ultra Light Version

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Weighing in at almost a third of an ounce, our Vargo Titanium Spork - ULV (U.ltraL.ightV.ersion) is one of the lightest pieces of cutlery available. The spork features an extra wide bowl for great functional use. Four available colors help prevent it from being lost and is a fun way to know which one is yours.
  •  One of the lightest, strongest pieces of cutlery available anywhere!
  •  Matte finish looks and feels great
  •  Extra wide bowl for better eating
  •  Colors help prevent from being lost and makes it easy to know which spork is yours
  •  Available in blue, yellow, titanium, and lavender colors
  •  Weight: 0.38 ounces (11 grams)
  •  Length: 6.5 inches (165 mm)