Torpedo 2800 mAh, 2x Charges, Silver

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The Torpedo 2800 Rechargeable Battery Pack from Brunton is a compact, 2800mAh rechargeable power station. It features two standard USB output ports to connect most small electronic devices using their USB charging cables. The permanent internal battery is charged using a Micro USB cable that can be connected to any USB port, USB/AC plug or 12VDC car/vehicle accessory plug. This power station is ideal for charging smart phones, MP3 players, cameras, radios or most other small electronic devices. The compact
  •  2800mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  •  1 Amp, Dual Standard USB Output
  •  Micro USB, 12 VDC Accessory Plug
  •  Power and Activation LED Indicators
  •  Compact and Lightweight Design