Triple Rail System for Existing Handguards, TRM3 and TRM2

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Versatile polymer triple rail mounting system is available as a single 3 inch Picatinny rail (TRM), two 2.5 inch, 45 Picatinny rails (TRM2), or combined to provide a triple rail mount (TRM3). Use all 3 rails on lower handguards for grip with easy thumb access to light & laser on side rails or use 3inch rail on bottom & 2.5 inch rails on top.
  •  Allows easy tactical light operation while using a vertical grip and light mount
  •  Rails can be used independently of each other
  •  45 degree rails will not interfere with iron sights
  •  Mounts on the upper and lower vent holes of most existing standard handguards
  •  Constructed of high-density polymer
  •  Made of high-density polymer
  •  Fits: M16/AR15/M4
  •  Weight (oz.): 3
  •  Width (in.): 2.75
  •  Length (in.): 3
  •  Height (in.): 1.5